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What Our Customers Say

 Carol in Arizona I bought this lotion-in-a-bar at a Swap Meet and I am glad I did. I love the convenience of having it in my desk or purse without worrying about spillage. In addition, it is not greasy and I can handle paperwork immediately! I also like the fact that it goes on where you place it, unlike conventional lotions. I have no need to remove my rings each time I wash my hands which also saves me time. What a great product!
Sandra in Virginia

Bought your lotion bar in Sedona -- Fabulous stuff. Especially love the SPF15

-- it's the only way I can get my husband to use sunblock.

Michael in Casa Grande

Hello! I desperately need to order some of your bars from you! My wife and I bought some from you in Casa Grande about a year ago and I loved it as my hands get really bad during the winter. I ran out before this winter and my hands are bad again and I haven't found anything that does what your products do.